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I loosely bundle quite a lot under the title events. This can range from actual live events to promotional photography for up and coming events, groups and societies. When photographing live I am usually armed with a number of cameras to catch the action as it unfolds. As a photographer I am keenly aware just how important catching the moment really is. Amongst the live events I have photographed battles, fire displays, night events  and concerts where everything and anything can happen. In all of these events I endeavour to show more than a chronology of events but the spirit of the day as much as the actual record.

I also offer a wide variety of pre-planned photo shoots for promotional materials. These include theatre groups and productions, display teams and artists. Just like live, I try to show the experience the client offers. As with all of my other work I think working closely and good communication help get everyone in the position that they get exactly the look and feel of what they want while having a lot of fun along the way.