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Q?Do you do....

The chances are that if it involves photography and people the answer is yes.

Q?Where are your studios?

I use one studio on Leamington Spa and one in Wigston

Q?How far will you travel?

Literally anywhere, however only Warwickshire, Leicestershire and the West Midlands are free. Outside these areas will incur a charge for travel.

Q?If we don't want our photo on your website will you keep it off?

The only images I use are ones I have asked to use. Around 50% of my clients want complete anonymity and the others are more than happy to be splashed across the internet. It is totally up to you.

Q?I have having my photo taken!

It is not really a question but comes up time and again. Most people don't like having their photos taken! Its quite natural as most of us are not used to it. Aside from a few snaps and selfies there is little in the way of creative photography in most peoples lives, so it is a bit intimidating. The thing is we work together to get the look and the feel as well as relaxing into it and having a great time.

Q?I always look awful in photographs!

Like the above question, most people do not get professional photographs that often, so the quality is not always there to make you look your best. Not only the quality of the image but most people do not understand how to pose to make themselves look their best, so we work together and get you standing like a star. We work together to show off your best

Q?What does referral mean on the contact sheet.

I offer a referrals reward scheme for both the person who referred you and a discount for the commission. It is the only discount and reward that I offer. The reason for this is that I like to reward people for recommending me, it is my way of saying thank you.

Q?What happens if you get sick on the day?

In seven years I have not missed an appointment. While that is a good indication, I also have ties with photographers who would cover my absence with the same skill behind the lens and share the same high standards of customer relations as I do.