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55 Landseer Drive
LE10 0GF

Tel: 07983353388


Short Bio

  • Leicestershire, Warwickshire and West Midlands based Photographer
  • Loves diversity
  • Enjoys working with people to get the images they desire
  • SWPP member

A little bit about myself

I started out as a Warwickshire based photographer operating out of Leamington Spa and now have moved my area of operations into Leicestershire. This now means I cover Warwickshire, Leicestershire and the West Midlands.

My main areas of specialisation is people. I like telling the stories of peoples lives though the images I take and making them feel and look their very best. In a wedding this can be capturing events as they unfold or in a studio where we endeavour to show the spirit showing though. What ever the setting I really like to work with my clients to get the images they want. My style tends to match the setting as much as anything, although I do like to make my images pop and show the very best of reality and sometimes a little more.

Outside of the work world I unsurprisingly love photography. When taking photographs for myself I enjoy making vibrant landscapes and studio based fine art photography. In these areas I tend to go for the artistic rather than the real and let my creative side go wild.

My Equipment

When you base your passion and your business on skill and equipment you really need to make sure both measure up. Most of this website involves the skill and the product so I thought I would add a little bit about the kit.

  • Cameras
    I predominantly use Canon 5D MK III and 5DS R which sit in the very top of the Canon range. Offering 22.3 and 50.6 megapixels they give the very sharpest of images.
  • Why
    I use the 5D MK III because it is a full size sensor of impeccable quality. This means the final image comes out crisp and can be blown up to any size. Also The 5D has amazing low light capabilities which is ideal for weddings in dark churches or badly lit environments.
  • Lenses
    I use a variety of lenses all from the prestigious L series which means they are the very best that Canon has to offer and in my opinion the very best the market has to offer.